CBears1313 is a pseudonym used on Computers Cult whose name is meant to evoke the kind of person who did not give much thought to their handle. I find that my own approach to this stereotype is to wash them into the background. In other words, for better or worse I give little thought to those people.

In this lower-caste role I thought it might be interesting to treat the content without any restraint. To delve as deeply as I felt comfortable in how I use the internet from day to day with that hope that my non-identity might shield any negative reaction.

Who was the best "Mr.Irrelevant"?

I saw a man beaten and burnt alive. I heard the cries of an infant bubble into silence as its skull was crushed under heel. I saw the terror and exhaustion of a daughters face as she was raped by her father. I heard the gasps of an animal fighting for air after being shot in the lung point blank. I saw the skin of a man bubble and melt off the bone. I heard a man beg for his life while having his jaw cut off. I saw a child born and beheaded along with its mother. I heard a woman scream and cry in pain as she was gang-raped and then shot. I saw two boys kill each other. I heard a man suffocate another man with a bag. I saw the limbs of men ripped apart in explosion. I heard the thump and whine of an animal hitting concrete as it was thrown against a wall repeatedly.
I am patient and persistent.


Fucking disgust Corporate Religious Mind Consumerism. Piece of shit Mind fantasy over all. Where's the body? The limits? Fucker mind doesn't know limits like a god damn lemming. Led by fantasy life, simplification of life, to end-time unification of identity. Identity Loss! No identity without disconnection, impossible. Abstraction is not Identity, can't hold it. Forgery. Identity is not thoughts, not actions, not beliefs, not clothes, not words. Not in combination or standing alone. Identity is Abstraction is Generalization is Simplification is Falsehood and Fantasy. Identity is life only and above knowledge. Constantly changing. What we want to believe, neurons firing faster than others, easier to path, makes whole worlds of so-called identity. Nonsense. Bull shit. Life is itself only insofar as it maintains parity. What good is conception of life? death? Only to mind. Body WANTS to end, NEEDS it, natural movement into death due to disconnection. Due to limits. Life is constantly feeding, needs cattle feed. Mind doesn't know hunger; real hunger. Wants perpetuity. Mind knows none of it, simplifies the concept, "I Need Ice Cream." Bullshit, Body needs nutrient, mind simplifies to nearest meal neighbor, calls out ITS OWN need. Not real need, pretending at understanding. Without body mind is limitless and dead. Within body mind is limited and alive, too stupid to understand where that is. Uncomfortable with truth, mind seeks out connection. FUNDAMENTAL DISCONNECTION, ABSTRACT CONNECTION. Every advance in civilization is a manifestation of this. Mind wants what it can't have. Relationship->connection, community->connection, government->connection, media->connection, internet->connection. Lies, mind doesn't know its connection to body, doesn't truly GET it. Seeks out approximations. "oh you think like me? You must be a friend." WRONG! Actions /= thoughts. Lies, Trust, Belief, Faith, Honesty; False. All false. varying shades of falsehood but all false nonetheless. Fundamental disconnection. Fundamental opposing force. Subjugate mind to body correctly, end mind fascism, find mindful limits in logic/experience/introspection. TEST ALL THEORIES and attach no identity. See it here, close but not quite, 'ANONYMOUS' enters realm of pseudo identity loss. Still identified though, still visible/recognizable. You want to join the hive? WRONG! YOU WANT TO DIE! There is no YOU in the hive, there is no agency, one against all? Ridiculous! A mere grain of stone on a boulder, what movement can you induce? At least in disconnection you have agency from body. BODY IS A GIFT! MIND IS A CURSE! Life is easier now? Not with a mind it isn't! New problems, holding new chains, attached to new monoliths. Institutional subjugation starting from the mind and working outward. Cast off all unfleshly FUCKSHIT. Keep no thought in mind that doesn't create action. Accept that identity is body is life and cherish it. Accept pitiful monkey-mind as subservient to body. Active body. Pitiful mind. FUCK OFF!


I use a pseudonym and multiple accounts on social sites. I use an email specifically for social sites attached to my pseudonym. I use a basket of emails attached to different levels of taboo/importance. I use a different password on every site. I use a general word as my username on moderately taboo/important sites so it can't be collated easily. I use a secure browser and network connection on extremely taboo/important sites so it can't be logged. I use extensions that block any script and require me to approve them. I use various tools to scrub cookies from the browser. I keep no browser history, download history or password history of any kind. I log out of any search or social service i am using when it comes time to view a taboo/important site. I log out of any search service when i need to search for terms that might be taboo/important. I actively review privacy policies on social sites whenever a change is enacted. I have alerts tagged under throwaway accounts to notify other accounts that my name, pseudonyms, or emails have created new search results. I do this to maintain a feeling of privacy. I focus on any interesting person who enters my 'orbit'. I look through their pictures, videos, and profile. I look through their social media history for posts of interest. I take the identifying information they present and search for other entries online. I look for emails, IM names, full names, phone numbers, and usernames of the person as well as any available family member. I look for connections to pieces of information which are not present on the profile, including address, DOB, car/license plate, property records and criminal records. I collate this information into a text file and save it to my hard drive. I do this to maintain a feeling of importance.