Bound for Canaan is a southern protestant hymn, part of Sacred Harp Singing. This style is sung acapella to 'shape notes', a kind of music notation meant for group singing. This hymn in particular describes one person's desire to enter the land of Canaan, given to Abraham in Genesis, and a kind of fabled 'promised land'.

This file also uses elements of Conway's game of life, here meant to symbolize the father, son, and holy spirit. In all, the viewer is encouraged to step further and further towards this singing icon and enter the new Jerusalem. Go there.

Oh when shall I see Jesus And reign with Him above, And from the flowing fountain Drink everlasting love? Chorus: I’m on my way to Canaan, To the new Jerusalem. When shall I be delivered From this vain world of sin, And with my blessed Jesus Drink endless pleasures in? (Chorus) But now I am a soldier, My Captain’s gone before; He’s given me my orders, And bids me not give o’er.